Food and you – how do you know it’s time to re-establish your relationship?

How many times in the last week have you made yourself feel bad about a food choice, regardless of what it was? Do you find yourself trying to justify what you’re eating to other people or feel ashamed of what you’ve ordered when going out with friends?

When it comes to recognising a bad relationship, it can be hard to see it when you’re the one stuck in it. Particularly with food, it can be even harder to know when it’s time to seek help or support.

Here are a few signs that your relationship with food needs attention:

  1. Denying yourself the foods you crave

You tell yourself that you can’t give into your cravings, so you end up having something that’s not satisfying and still feel bad.

  1. Punishing yourself for giving in

If and when you break the rules and go over your calorie limit or eat something you tell yourself you’re not allowed to, do you make yourself feel bad and carry the guilt around with you for the next few days?

  1. Feeling as though you have no self-control

Another sign of an unhealthy relationship with food is a feeling of no self-control when it comes to food in general or specific foods, like sugary snacks.

  1. Cutting out entire food groups

Drastic diets; cutting out all carbs, or all fats.  Convincing yourself that you mustn’t eat certain foods.

  1. Emotional eating

Bad day? It’s never a good sign when sugary treats become your best friend on days when you’re feeling down, stressed or even happy.

  1. Food is all you think about

You’re constantly thinking about your next meal; what you can and can’t eat; what you should and shouldn’t buy; what to order for lunch. It never leaves your mind!

  1. Much of the same

Trying new foods are not your thing, or you just don’t want to allow yourself any room to cheat on a very strict diet. Either way, both are signs you need to re-think your relationship with food.

  1. You prefer to eat alone

Eating with other people makes you feel uneasy because you think that they’ll be judging what’s on your plate; how much or how little, how healthy or unhealthy you eat.

Dealing with unhealthy eating habits is difficult on your own. To find out how to change your mindset and kick start a healthier relationship with food, contact us to book your free initial consultation.

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