We believe Counselling should not be torture or a marathon and change should not be hard

Through science based methods, change can be easy and faster than you ever thought possible

We use the following science-based approaches so you can reach your desired results quickly and easily

Exposure Therapy (ET)
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT)
Electroencephalogram (EEG)
Biofeedback Sensors
Rewind Therapy (RT)
Relaxation Therapy



It’s not a deficit, it’s a difference.  Remove the barriers & embrace the difference. Capture the good & turn the static into a productive mind.

Fears & Phobias

Fears & Phobias are strange but simple, terrible but treatable. Find your purpose & live your life without fear.  You don't need to be suffering.

Trauma & PTSD

Stop the war within & see your bright future.  Cut the mental chains that binds you & get rid of the nightmares that hinder your daily life.

Weight Loss

It’s about creating a healthy, joyous lifestyle where both your mind and body feel good about attaining and maintaining your ideal weight.

Other Services

Your health & happiness is our main concern. We have other service that can help you open your mind & get the results & changes you desire.


Cecile E

It’s like when you watch a scary movie and you’re on edge the entire time… except that’s how you… except that is how I lived, all day every day. I have my life back, thank you.

Keith S

It was like a rubber band in that you can stretch so far out of your comfort zone, but once you’ve been triggered you fly back right to where you started. Now I can move on.

Griffin F

The overwhelming feeling of guilt is hard to live with, and no one can convince you otherwise. It’s truly terrible. But there is always hope and always a light that never goes out so hang on in there. I have hope again.

Myra L

Your surroundings change, but you’re forever in the state of your trauma — flashes of memories through all five senses, body memories, nightmares — it consumes. Thank you, I have escape the nightmare

Maria G

I have tried so many other things, counsellors and programs for my son.  He was such an angry boy. Some would make small changes but this is the first time we have done something where I can see definite improvements.  And the best is I am doing it myself.  It is so wonderful to me that I can help my son to make the changes. It has done so much for our relationship and our family.

Nicole W

 I was sceptical in the beginning because it sounded to easy.  I thought making the changes we wanted would be hard.  I have three children, a daughter that is 9, a son that is 7 who has ADHD and a little boy of 5 that is a very anxious child.  There was a constant atmosphere of stress in the house.  It is all gone! The kids is actually playing with each other.  The family is not perfect, we still have our moments that we argue but for the first time I think we are just an average normal family.

Jasmine P

 I have been meeting with Mae van Rensburg as a Sleeptalking client on behalf of my children, one of whom has an ADHD diagnosis.  I have found my sessions with Mae enlightening and helpful.  She has a professional manner and her comments are insightful.  She has explained the Sleeptalk process clearly and followed it up with support.  Our family has experienced obvious and measurable positive outcomes as a result of sleeptalking, both for the children and for myself, across a range of areas.  I would readily recommend her services in the future.

Anne A

Considering I was skeptical about the process in the very beginning, I can confidently say that I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about wanting to change habits. After more than 20 years of having a couple of drinks most evenings with some crisps/crackers & dip etc. I am very happy to be free of the habit. I have no desire to have an alcoholic drink of any kind. I've also lost my urge to munch on snack foods which has led me to good healthy eating. As a result I've lost 3.6kg in 4 weeks and am totally confident that these changes will continue. Thank you so much again for all your help and support.